Small progress.

I made a couple small things today and it felt good.
I whipped up a coffee cup sleeve, something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. (Well, I actually did before and they both had something wrong with them.)

Mmmm.. surrounding a blended dirty chai.

You can’t see from this angle but I just used some scraps I had in my bin that were already sewn together from backing the wonky star quilt, three Denyse Schmidt fabrics and the red knit. (That baby quilt is still one of my favorites, I need to make another one.)

Amos has a spot on my sewing table, on top of a bunch of batting scraps where he likes to sleep. In my unpacking, I found some blocks left over from a cat quilt I made for a friend when she got married a few years ago so I thought, I’ll make him a little cat bed. I guess it also counts as my first mini quilt! It’s not done yet but I should show you pictures anyway because, after all, that was the point of taking the process pledge, right?I had to do a little bit of stitch picking to do to get the layout I wanted and then with four layers of batting in between I bound it (at the dog park, no less). You can see if you look closely in one of the intersections that I plan to hand quilt it with a few simple circles in embroidery floss. I wanted it to be more tufted than a quilt and while it didn’t quite work out like I imagined, I still like it. Now with my luck, he won’t want to sleep on it and will find another batting scrap pile or something so I hope for better luck than that :)

I keep plugging away at the hexagons as we watch tv and such. I think I would like to pick one day a week where I post a picture of my progress, even if I haven’t made any. Maybe Monday is the day! (Then if I haven’t done anything that week, I can at least take it to Stitch and Bitch and make it look like I was productive :) We are vacationing at the beach this weekend with some Roanoke friends (and our doggies) which will probably give me a lot of time to work on them. And maybe I’ll even read a book or four. Any recommendations?

I finished up my little stuffed birds and put them up. I really like them. I’m not sure how much I love my fabric choices, and I kind of wish they were a little bigger but it’s lovely how it is. I might make a mobile of them for another room, too. It’s cheap and easy decoration!
Additional pictures on my Flickr.

I made zucchini bread (with some maple cream cheese frosting as per Marcus’ request, not pictured) and another loaf of the no knead bread that I love. I want to keep a loaf of it around all the time. We made grilled cheese with it and it was super delicious. Now I want to try my hand at all other kinds of bread! Have any of you ever made their own sourdough starter?

I got a new/nother job. My current job has been able to give me very little hours. This is definitely the shortest I’ve ever been at a job (6 weeks when it’s all done) but I need more than they can give me. A lot more. I am going back to a opening shift at a coffee shop elsewhere downtown (not too stoked about rising before the sun again) so Marcus will have the doggie chores in the morning. I’ll be getting off around 10:30am though, so I’ll have the rest of the day to maybe… work on opening my Etsy shop?

I have been having so many problems with my computer lately. Well, a lot of the same problem. I’ve had this Mac (that I bought refurbished) for two and a half years and after having replaced the harddrive a few months back, I am now having trouble turning it on. The light will usually come on but only sometimes does the disk drive makes half of the sound it’s supposed to, sometimes it makes the whole sound, sometimes the screen flashes once and then nothing., and sometimes it works fine.. I haven’t figured out any rhyme or reason to any of it. Is it a battery problem? A screen problem? Something else? It takes way too much time to turn it on every time I need it and it’s really frustrating. I don’t have the money to fix my computer or worse yet, by a new one.

Whew, that was a lot more than I thought I had to say. Thanks for reading to the end!

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