Hexagons for Hump Day #1.

It’s kind of cheesy, I know :) But Wednesday will now be my hexagon update day, even if I have nothing to show for my last week.

I took my box to Stitch and Bitch again this week and made some progress. My fingers were so sore by the end! But it’s coming together and the larger it gets, the more I like it.

315 hexagons basted = 27%
48 sewn together
14 papers removed

I forgot to show you the mini pincushion I made. It’s made to fit in my storage box because I was losing my needle too often. I pulled a few small scraps and made a log cabin block. It did not stay very square… but it still fits and it’s cute.

Amos is using his (still unfinished) bed! Sleeping in the sunshine…and looking really adorable, as usual…

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