A day late.

Sorry for my absence, we went to the beach! I missed Hexagons for Hump Day; it’s been hard getting back to real life after vacation. But here I am!

I took my hexagons with me and got a little bit done. I am getting frustrated because I’m already pulling a lot duplicates. I sewed those two rows together but I probably won’t attach them to the body until I have added some new fabrics to the mix. I still have a large portion of my stash to cut into and my bag of scraps from my friend Lindsay, along with plenty of papers. Hopefully I’ll have more to show.
Our trip to the coast was really nice and way too short. We originally didn’t think we could pull off a whole week but once Tuesday was rolling around and it was time to leave, we definitely wanted to stay. But the time we had was good. A few friends from Roanoke and we rented a house a block from the beach where we took the dogs and spent three lovely days. We drank a lot, played Taboo and Catch Phrase, cooked, laid around, vacation things. One of the meals Marcus and I made (mostly me :) was manicotti from scratch, pasta and all. It wasn’t difficult, just a little time consuming and while we could have made 4 times the sauce, it was delicious!
One morning I woke up to see the sunrise and it did not disappoint. There was the perfect amount of clouds and I was happy to be able to watch it and spend some time by the water before it got super hot.
The beach we were a block away from did not allow dogs during the summer so we had to drive to a beach just north of the pier where they were allowed. Jackson was about as enthused as he get about water while Adelaide, after jumping into and riding a couple waves, must have gotten a nose-full of water or something because she did not want to go in there again, unless she was like this…It was surprising to me how hard of a time I had in the water. The first time I went to Hawaii, when I was about 10, my mom and I were out jumping waves where I stayed after she’d gone back to shore. With my back to the ocean, I turned to see a huge wave coming over me. I tumbled and took in a lot of water in my face, split my chin, and got really disoriented. Anyway, since then I have always been nervous in the water. It happened to me again, our first day out though not as badly, but I also found it to be a lot of work trying to keep a foothold and be able to jump over waves. My heart raced and my breathing became labored and I did not stay out for very long. Maybe slowly, I will get better, more sure of myself.

Marcus kept trying to find ways to stay longer but he had two important client meetings this week and I started my new job yesterday. It was hot and of course I got burned (I even got a sunglasses burn :-/ ) but I think we might make this an annual vacation. The doggies did well on the ride (there and) home. They each took turns laying on the bed of theirs we had stuffed in the back seat with their head on one of our arms which was super adorable. I can’t get over how cute they are.

So now it’s back to real life and that’s always tough. But I’m glad we were able to get away for a little while!

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