I really need to buckle down.

Marcus and I were discussing this here blog tonight and my desires to become a more legitimate quilter and quilting blogger. One of the first things that needs to happen is regularity! I need to buckle down and write consistently which, in some cases, means I also need to be creating more consistently.

One of the steps towards doing that will be continuing to work on my room, getting it painted, my desk and chairs refinished, making curtains, all that good stuff. I want this room to really be mine, a place where I can be inspired and productive. I need to set down a specific hour a day to write.

Another big step will be redesigning my blog. I like what I’ve switched it too but it still needs so much more work! Marcus works for a great design shop called Airtype and Matt, one of their designers, is really good. We might get a quilt/design trade in the works which would be awesome. He could also possibly help me design my Etsy shop, something I still want to be a reality by the end of this year (which is quickly approaching!). Marcus apparently has a whole slew of other ideas to get me out there and into people’s blog feeds. I’m excited about it!

We would both love if I didn’t have to work out of the home, if I could make a living off of quilting and then be able to take care of the animals and food and the house (which will hopefully include a garden and chickens before too long). I still might want to work a day or two a week in a coffee shop because I want to be really good at that but not needing to have an hourly job sounds wonderful.

There’s a lot of ideas going through my head and a lot of dreams I’d love to see achieved. I thank all of you that do read this and tell your friends! SewItAll will be growing and it’ll be a good time.

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