Shopping and stitching.

I went to check out the other quilt (and knitting) shop in town, Knit One Smock Too and found some wonderful things.
To my total surprise they had a few different bolts of Katie Jump Rope! Mostly the ‘uglier’ patterns but they had yards upon yards. I bought a small amount and hope to buy more to make a couple dresses. I also bought (from the bottom up) some Heather Bailey, new American Jane, and new Joel Dewberry. They were kind enough to wind some yarn I had bought at Fibre Space in Alexandria VA that will soon become a couple winter hats. They also had some wonderful yarns of their own and I will definitely return.

I worked some more on one of my cameras today and it’s coming together. It has some quirks and I’m learning a lot as I go but I’m happy with it so far.
I don’t have to work until tomorrow evening which means I get to sleep in! I’m pretty excited about it. Marcus’ parents are coming for lunch and a visit tomorrow. It’ll be nice to show them our new home, even if there’s still so much work to be done. Speaking of that, we had thought we were having some people over on Thursday so I tackled our TV room.

(Sorry for the terrible picture, there’s not much light and too many reflective surfaces for a flash.)

I bundled wires, pushed the entertainment center against the wall (our floor is apparently not level at all), unpacked all our dvds, and changed the posters in those weird picture covered cabinet doors. They are weird posters that Marcus found some vintage store or something in Charlotte a few years back. I like all the color going on on this wall. I just wish we had enough dvds to fill all the shelves. But heaven knows we don’t need more dvds.

Now onto… organizing the mud room?

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