Weekend trip.

I took a little jaunt up to Richmond VA with a couple friends this weekend to see Broken Social Scene. It was fun and it was nice to spend some time with Catherine and Jason. I drove up to Roanoke to meet up with them and we all drove to Richmond together. We took the longer way up 220 to 64 through, among others, a town called Iron Gate which seemed to be nothing but churches. It was a beautiful drive.

Once in Richmond we ate a a delicious Cuban restaurant called Kuba Kuba, just a couple blocks from the apartment we were staying at. We took a little field trip to Belle Isle, an island in the James River that was a notorious prison camp during the Civil War and an iron factory and power plant in the early to mid-1900s. The river has barely any water in it so you can hop rocks to get to the island. One side does have enough that you can kayak or swim. It was a fun time and the weather was cool and lovely.
Chrysler Building, Old Dominion Iron WorksQuarry Pond

The show was good. The National was a great venue even though I had a 7 foot tall guy standing in front of me almost the entire time. The Wooden Birds opened who Catherine is in love with and was super excited about. I thought all their songs sounded the same and it was kind of boring (sorry Cat!). Broken Social Scene played for over two hours which they tend to do. It went a little long for me and it was ridiculously loud but I enjoyed it.

Before leaving Roanoke to head home to Winston I noticed an old Singer sewing machine, the kind in the table outside our friend Ariel’s house and decided to take it home. She said it’d been sitting outside for a while and the finish is obviously bad but it worked last time she tried so I have my fingers crossed. Who wouldn’t want three machines, especially two old Singers.

It was a lovely way to spend the weekend, even if it robbed me of two mornings to sleep in.

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  1. Thank you both! I have a different Singer machine (both in my craft room and tattooed on my arm) made in 1947 that I sew with mostly. When I need to do zigzag stitches or free motion quilting, I use a simple modern machine I've had for 10 years. But the Singers are durable works of craftsmanship!

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