A coworker of mine (I only have two) saw my camera embroidery one day and mentioned that he had a similar one at home. He is an avid thrift store shopper and yard sale frequenter and he’d found a camera for a dollar somewhere so he gave it to me to start my collection!It’s a Brownie Holiday Flash and I love it. It’s so cute! I’m wondering if they still make film for it. If I could use it for real, that’d be awesome!
Speaking of cameras, here is the Polaroid and the beginning of the Rocket Spartus.

I’ve been trying to find out a bit about the Singer I picked up on Sunday. I have the serial number and I know it was made in St Johns, Canada between 1948 and 1951 but I know nothing beyond that. Like how to turn it on. It should have a switch, right? I guess not, maybe, since I couldn’t find one. Some of the cord has worn away to the wire but everything still looks connected. When I have the resources, I’ll probably take it into someone to service it and see if it can be salvaged.

I’ve put a couple coats of paint on my desk and I’m loving it!

The color isn’t quite as dark as I’d thought but it’s still good. I need to take the lid to a hardware store and see if they can help me take the old hinges out (I broke them in order to get it off) and put new ones on. Screw the handles back on and it’ll be done and beautiful! I think I might paint the inside of the shelves and closet in the same color just to carry it through the room.

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