We got to be a part of something fun this weekend.

Some friends of ours in town started a thing earlier in the summer called Chaos Cooking. The original idea was to get 50 cooks in one kitchen all cooking one dish each in one hour and seeing what happens but yesterday was a little more lax. About 25 of us met on an organic farm in Yadkinville, about 35 minutes from WS called Shore Farm and each cooked a dish in two hours or so, all on grills (or raw things). It was super fun! Marcus made some bison skewers with a chili rub and a sour cream dipping sauce that was everyone’s favorite. It was seriously delicious and a bummer that it was only two bites per person!
On a blog I read called CakeSpy awhile back she had linked to a recipe (through Serious Eats, I think) for cake baked in a campfire in orange peels so I thought I’d give it a try. After a few snafus and nearly giving up on them, they came out wonderfully, if not a little smokey. Everyone loved them. I found that the 5-10 minutes the recipe called for was not enough but the 20 minutes mine ended up being on there was a little bit too long. It was a fun experiment and the whole night turned out great and I look forward to doing it again!
Thanks to Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez for taking such lovely pictures! You can see them all here (I think. Unless you have to be their friend to see them. But I don’t think so).

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