Better (super) late than never.

I had the best of intentions to write a Hexagons for Humpday post having actually made some headway on it this last week but Wednesday came and went and I hadn’t written anything yet. But here is my little update.
As of Wednesday this week I had:
406 hexagons basted = 35%
74 hexagons sewn to another = 6%

Our printer has putzed out on us so I haven’t been able to cut out many new hexagons but I will have some more progress to show you this coming Wednesday.

I have not sat down at my sewing machine for at least two weeks. I have been in a knitting mood and have started my first sweater, a goal of mine this year. I have already made a couple mistakes resulting in the unraveling of almost all of it. But I’m trying not to get too discouraged and carrying on. I have acquired enough knitting needles and other supplies that I need to make a case for it all. I’m having trouble finding a pattern I really like but I’m generally apprehensive to make it up because I haven’t had the best track record with that.

My refinished desk has proven to be more of an ordeal than I thought. Why can’t I just slap a couple coats of paint on it and be done? I have done three coats now but even 5 days later, it’s tacky. I asked at Lowe’s what I could finish it with, maybe a polyurethane or something and they were no help at all. I’ve done some Googling and might have found a solution. It was also hard finding new hinges for the top. I thought about nailing it shut and sealing it but it would be nice to store things inside. I don’t think the things I got will work but it’s worth a try, I guess. Why couldn’t they make less complicated hinges in 1957? I need my desk though, it’s keeping the rest of my room from coming together.

My dad and stepmom are coming in a couple weeks and I’m pretty excited about it! I can’t wait to show them around and have them meet the doggies and all that. Menomena is playing in Raleigh the night they come in and I can’t decide if I should try and go or not…

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