Reading and listening, #2.

I just finished “Cold Mountain” at work on Thursday (took me a little bit longer our beach vacation..). It wasn’t the page turner I thought it might be but it was beautifully written and I think the movie was a good adaptation of it. I have now begun “The Master and Margarita” and while not far enough in to form an opinion, I think I’ll like it.

Marcus and I have really been into the new Arcade Fire record. I did not like “Neon Bible” at all but “Suburbs” is on par with “Funerals.” I would love to go see them live, something my dad will be doing next weekend, much to my envy. I don’t know if they already did the East coast or have yet to book it but when I get the chance, I definitely want to experience their show.

One thought on “Reading and listening, #2.

  1. Yes, darling daughter, it was a great show. Can I admit I like Neon Bible better than Funeral, or would I blow my indie cred? The Suburbs is definitely great :-)

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