Hexagons for Humpday #3

I finally got our printer working so I could print out some more hexagons this week and though not a super productive week, it’s all coming along.

I also printed out Texas Freckles’ coloring sheet to keep up with my progress. After coloring in everything I have done, it feels like I’ve already come a long way! The fully colored ones are all sewn to each other, the individually outlined ones are sewn to one other hexagon each, and the general outlines (in different colors and flower shapes just to keep it interesting) are the basted ones.

I have however, decided to make mine bigger than 50″ x 60″ and go for at least 50″ x 72″ which means I need 7 more rows for a total of 1292 hexagons. BUT so as not to be too confusing I’ll keep my percentages according to the 1173 number (which means I’ll end up with 110% in the end).

465 basted = 40%

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