I’ve been knitting away the last few days. I got just below the armpits on my sweater when I realized it was going to be too small so after a day of debating, I frogged it. After a few hours I have gotten farther than before and need to buy more yarn.
It still seems like it’ll be too small but I’m going to go with it this time.

I’ve been plugging away at my spiderweb quilt and have a couple more blocks done. I’m kind of surprised at the amount of selvedges I still have left which is a good thing. I hope to sit down this week and get a few more finished.

I also made a quarter sized circle of geese block this last week.

Not as in the size of a quarter (that’d be insane, if even possible), but a block that’s a quarter of the size of the one in the pattern. I was thinking I’ll use it for a sewing machine cover and while I pictured it being even smaller, this one will work too.

I took out a piece I made last year that I hadn’t been happy with.

I bought and cut out enough fabric for a queen sized quilt but after making 20 or so blocks in the style I thought I wanted, I didn’t like it and tucked it away. But with some time between us, I think I like it enough to finish it.

I tried making my first reusable tea bag, one of the things I might sell at the craft faire in December. I made it tea pot sized with french seams and it has served me well already. I made the seams too big and I don’t think embroidery thread is the right thing to use for the string but I’ll keep trying.

We had a bit of a weekend. Marcus played a show in Roanoke and though I was supposed to sing with him, I had to work yesterday (these 6 day work weeks so early in the morning are really wearing on me) so I drove up with Adelaide after I got off (and missed the music by seconds). There was an after party at The Water Heater and I was a bottle of wine in by the end and… let’s just say that I didn’t make it to the next party. The dogs were great though and I got to see some people and overall, it was fun.

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