Fall is here.

As the weather begins to turn and the holidays approach, I’ve wanted to get a head start on some Christmas things. The tree skirt I made last year ended up being way too small so I’m making a new one this year. After seeing Christina‘s tree skirt, I was inspired to start on mine. I’m not just doing a square so it’s requiring some extra math but I’m looking forward to it.
I bought a really awesome chair at our local Rescue Mission today. I go every Tuesday to see what they’ve got (they put all the new stuff out on Mondays) and finally purchased something today! The color is kind of funky so I’m not sure what room it will end up in but I really like it. The small pillow that came with it makes me happy.

Sorry for the bad picture, it wasn’t until nighttime that I was able to take any. I’ll upload some better ones soon.

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