Hexagons for Humpday #4

This seems to have turned into a biweekly affair. And that’s okay. I just keep sewing a long and liking it a little bit more every time I work on it. I’m pretty anxious to see it all finished. I have cut pieces from almost all of my stash and still have nowhere near the needed amount. I might have to buy a cheater print or make some trades.

505 basted = 43%
80 sewn together = 7%

In other news, I finally painted my craft room! I went back and forth on colors and have mostly been broke these last few months but I decided to go for it. And I love it. It’s a kind of bright olive perhaps (which pictures do not capture) that’s called ‘Gecko.’ I finished the touch ups today and tomorrow I will paint the shelving backing and the inside of the closet and I’ll be so close to done! I have plans for the rest of the room and I’m really excited about it coming together. Now to get to all the other rooms in the house!

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