Lovely times.

I realized I haven’t taken the time to write about my wonderful weekend and it’s almost the next one already! My dad and stepmother Kathy came for a very short time considering how far they came, but it was a really nice visit. They got here Friday afternoon and during their trip we toured Old Salem, ate at Sweet Potatoes and Mary’s Breakfast of Course, went to the dog park, drove around town a bit, and cooked a couple meals. On short notice, our good friends in Vandaveer asked if they could stay the night on Saturday between shows. It had been too long since we had seen them and were happy to have a bed and couch to offer them. I made breakfast for them and my family on Sunday and we had a lovely morning relaxing, drinking tea, and eating scrambled eggs on fresh baked bread with raw milk cheese. Then it was goodbyes all around (sad face), Dad and Kathy headed back to Dulles Airport (yes, they drove all that way), Mark and Rose headed to Asheville, and we took a nice long nap.

If only every weekend could be as great.

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