Beginning the inventory.

I needed to make something yesterday from start to finish.
I feel like I haven’t been finishing anything lately so I needed to sit down and follow through. What resulted was a mug rug of selvedges and I love it!I hand washed it after I finished due to a soon-to-be mentioned mishap, and I was surprised and pleased how crinkly it got. I also started a new tea pot cozy with the same design and plan to make a set of coasters too.
I’d like to make sets of these for the craft faire and this is my trial run.

I made a very unfortunate discovery in the process of sewing my mug rug. Somebody peed in my selvedges box. All the fabric in one corner of the box was stuck together and very smelly and as it turns out, it smells even worse when you iron it. Argh!! I have spent a long time saving all the selvedges for this quilt specifically and definitely, however gross it may be, will not throw them all away. I Febreezed them heavily yesterday and continue to spray and shuffle the box. I’ll just have to wash the quilt the second it gets finished. And make sure to always keep my fabric in plastic boxes.

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