New job!

As you might know, I do not like my job. I love working with coffee and have always wanted to work somewhere that’s passionate about what they serve, a place where they are always trying to make the best product they can. The shop I’m at now is definitely not that.

I applied to work at Krankies before I moved here and because of that fact, I was not hired. But between then and now, my friend Gabby became manager and went back to my resume when she needed someone. So my dream has come true :) I gave my two week notice to my job today and will begin training at Krankies before too long. I am really, really excited!

Today begins the Great Craft Faire Inventory Making Month. And alas, I didn’t finish making anything. I’ve been reading through the book I got recently, “The Handmade Marketplace” and it suggests setting up your table in your house and having enough stuff to fill it twice over. I have big plans and I hope it comes together in the next 6 weeks!

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