Hexagons for Humpday #6

715 hexagons basted – 61%
120 sewn to another – 10%

I have now cut through my entire stash, other than the four fabrics I bought yesterday. But now comes the point of collecting scraps from other people. My Stitch&Bitch ladies have been awesome and will provide a lot, I think.
I dumped all the hexagons out to mix them up because you could definitely tell when I started cutting into my blues and blacks. It was kind of fun to toss them around and I realized I’d miscounted at some point. Progress is being made.I have continued to update the coloring sheet and it helps me feel like I’ve gotten pretty far. The colored in ones are the hexagons that are all sewn together, the individual outlined ones are attached in rows (or columns, technically), and the outlined flowers are the basted hexagons. The different colors are just to keep it interesting, there are no flower shapes in my quilt.

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