A bit of thrifting.

Yesterday’s to do list included buying a couch, which was accomplished. I had hoped to also get it delivered that day and set up in time for our dinner party last night but that was a bit too much to ask. My coworker Ty was able to help me bring it home today though, and my neighbor Tim helped carry it in. It’s an old couch, maybe from the fifties, in a dark gold color with a tufted back. It’s also a sleeper sofa though I don’t very well trust that mattress. (Yuck.) I’m going to go for a gold/mustard yellow, green, and grey color scheme in the front room. Now I just have to hope the dogs don’t tear everything up.
Adelaide is full swing in her eating-everything-she-can phase. I’ve lost two pairs of shoes (albeit ones that were already falling apart) and she’s decimated a cardboard box and tried to eat some candles. She has now started eating her crate itself. She will be requiring much more attention from now on.
I got a couple other things at the thrift store. I found a set of vintage sheets for 1$ a piece that will make it’s way into my vintage sheet quilt that I’ll make one day. And maybe a cute apron or skirt or something.
I was drawn to this picture I found tucked away. One of the mats is a velvet that is almost the same color as the couch. It vaguely reminds me of a painting my Granny and Grandpa had.
Bric-a-brac was 50% off so I grabbed a handful of assorted brass candlestick holders that I’ll probably spray paint black or bright yellow or something.
And I found this funky wreath that it falling apart. I actually kind of like it as a wreath but instead of putting it back together, I’m going to take it apart and use the fabric for some other project. Depending on the average square sizes I might make hexagons or a patchwork throw or pillow; there are a lot of possibilities.
I did buy some new things at Jo-Ann’s today also. I got a couple pillow forms (goodness they are expensive!), some fabric and cover-able buttons, with a couple of ideas in mind. Butterick patterns were also on sale (the only time I buy them) so I bought three more of their Retro series. I’ll have an enviable handmade dress collection yet!

As previously mentioned, we had a couple friends over for dinner last night and it was a nice time. We met Saylor and Marcia at the first Chaos Cooking event and we’ve hung out a couple times since then and they are good people. We made a taco salad with skirt steak, roasted tomato and pepper black beans, and home fried chips. I don’t have a picture of the dinner but I do have a picture of the nachos I made today with the leftovers..
I also made simple mini chocolate on chocolate cupcakes. I didn’t look at recipes before I went to the store so I was limited in my options.
I would have liked to have made gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. Maybe for Christmas, which we are also spending with Marcia and Saylor’s. They are having an open house on Saturday and people will be coming and going all day long. I think we might stay for quite awhile since we don’t have much else to do. There is rumor it might snow on Saturday which would be awesome. I think it will be a lovely day.

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