I hopped over to the Sew Mama Sew blog today to search for their Dresden block tutorial and look what was on there! Travel tissue holdersI am by no means the first person to make these but it was still a bit of a surprise. I suppose I won’t post my own tutorial on the ones I made but I hope people will still buy them from me!
And then look what I found at Jo-Ann’s today:
(sorry for the bad picture, I took it with my phone.)

My friend Lindsey had emailed me a while back about this magazine, I think, and a DIY show in Colorado by the same name. The domain name is taken and definitely not by me so I am changing my name to k&c :: kaitcetera. I actually changed the blog title to that a week or so ago and I will soon purchase the domain and move my blog over there. I’m anxious to make this bigger (and perhaps more profitable). I haven’t forgotten about my past idea of 30 Projects in 30 Days and would love to start that soon.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate my readers out there, however small (or even big!) a group you are. I’m glad I’m doing something that keeps you coming back! Please, never hesitate to leave comments, I like to know you’re out there :) xo

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  1. comment! Too bad about Sew It All, I liked that name. I love seeing all the crafty things you're making!

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