Oh, the holidays..

We had a really nice Christmas. Our friends Saylor and Marcia, whom we had over for dinner earlier last week had an open house on Christmas day so we hung out there with a few other people. We ate and drank and watched movies all day. Marcus made his venison roast which has just about become a tradition and everyone loved it. I made gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting and homemade candied ginger (that was spicy and delicious!) and these amazing hand pies for desert. The dough takes a lot of time and refrigeration but it was so worth it! I filled them with apples since peaches aren’t in season. I should have chopped the fruit a lot finer so I could fit more inside. One of the best parts was that it snowed all day long. The news had predicted mild snow with little to no accumulation but we ended up with 5 inches (which is nowhere as close to how much a lot of other places got but I’ll take what I can get).
Jackson has been super adorable with the snow. He runs through it with his head down and mouth open, shoveling it into his mouth and getting it all over his nose. It’s pretty cute.I painted the living room on Sunday! Painting always takes three times longer than expected but I still finished it in one day. The color is called Lemon Grass and while I like it in the daylight, I’m not so crazy about it in the lamp light. It’s coming together though, I hung the bookshelves back up and put up some lights. I’m itching to make curtains and then I think the color will grow on me.

We still haven’t used that lovely fireplace. Soon!

It only took one week and Addie started eating the couch. She chewed a hole through the little skirt on the bottom. I’ve thought about taking the skirt off but you might be able to see the bed springs underneath…

I failed to mention that I sold another baby quilt! Ty, my friend that helped me move the couch asked for one to give to his 7 month old nephew for Christmas and I took the Winnie the Pooh zig zag quilt to him. I sold it for less than I’d marked it at the craft faire because he helped me with the couch and was so kind and all I gave him was a cupcake. That leaves the two sugar skull quilts.

The Thailand trip with my dad has been rescheduled and we leave LA on March 4th! I’m so excited about it, it’ll be an amazing trip.

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  1. You are too cute! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I miss you and love you always and forever and ever!

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