Happy new year.

I spent new years eve on the couch with a bag of Milano mints, a cup of tea, Jackson (with his smelly farts), and “Brokeback Mountain” on the tv. It was low key and just what I wanted. Marcus went up to Roanoke to attend three different parties and I could not accompany him because I had to work this morning, where it was really quiet. Quiet enough in fact, that I did a dramatic reading of David Sedaris’Six to Eight Black Men” for Philip, Eric, and Lindsey, one of my favorite stories of his.
I’ve been relaxing in the living room more lately, now that we have furniture and are settling in. The color continues to grow on me and the couch is quite comfortable. It has made me realize though, that I need to have more quilts. At least two for every couch and one for every chair or two. I need to about double my quilt collection which I have no problem with :) One might be out for the count though since Addie got a hold of it…

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