A bit of thrifting.

I did my weekly trip to the Rescue Mission today. The large mirror that was there for a month that I finally decided I’d buy was gone. Of course. That’s (almost) always how it goes. But I did get some great glass jars for 10¢ each that I quickly put to use in our bathroom/linen closet..
a couple milk glass vases that make me want to have fresh flowers around..
a nice little round silver mirror..a lovely small (1¾ cup) Corningware dish..and a three tier fruit basket like I’ve always wanted.I realize it doesn’t look level; I’ve been having trouble with that. One of the chains was broken so I tried to even everything out and it hasn’t worked yet. But now that I have this, I will make these curtainsand theseand I’ll have a great little kitchen corner.

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