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Yesterday and today were my first two days off after working for nine so I did plenty of nothing. And it was great. It wasn’t all nothing though, I did finally clean up my sewing room a bit (it’s been disastrous for a while now) and did a little sewing. I made a pillow that I’m pretty happy with.
It’s simple, obviously, but I’d pictured it that way and I wanted to practice putting in a zipper. There was one little thing I did wrong with it but otherwise, the zipper turned out fabulous! I had originally bought a linen blend fabric that I loved but it was too slippery to work with for my first pillow. Maybe later. I started a cathedral window pillow also but that might take me a while.

I made a small pincushion like I’ve needed for a long time! I based it on a picture I saw on Pinterest (though I like mine much better). It’s 1½” by 4″ or so with a ribbon tied around back (and no, I don’t color code my pins but I just might start). I based the design on a pillow made by Sew Katie Did and I am in love. I might want to make a full sized pillow like this.

I made a cover for one of my small Moleskines following Eileen Josephine’s tutorial (sans pen holder on this one) and using Elizabeth’s (of Oh, Fransson!) method of tiny piecing for part of the cover. (Sorry the picture is terrible.) I tried making it a little too small and had some troubles because of it. But this one will not be my last! I’ll be a pro in no time.

Have I mentioned Pinterest here before?! I love it! It’s a website where you can keep all the inspiration you find around the internet in one place. A couple friends and some fellow bloggers are on it and I am never lacking things to pin and repin! You should all try it out.

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