365: 20, 21, 22

(365:20) Making half square triangles.
These were squares already cut for a zig zag mini quilt that I later turned into a mug rug (which is still incomplete), a couple coasters, and a dishtowel (to be further posted about later).
(365:21) Soon-to-be cookies.
I use Martha Stewart’s recipe with a couple tablespoons of instant coffee powder. I make these often and keep them in the freezer and bake a couple at a time when I want cookies. The thing I notice about these is that they have the perfect amount of salt. You can taste it sometimes in a lovely, balanced way.
(365:22) French press cozy.
I’m not too hapy with how this turned out, mostly because linen is hard to sew with. I did my best and even pinned more than usual but the lines are not straight. And the elastics should have been farther apart. And I would have preferred different buttons. But hopefully it will get the job done and won’t be my last attempt.

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