365: 23 — 26

365:23 – Milltown, Chapel Hill, NC (Yes, that’s my finger in the corner)
We went to see Yo La Tengo on Sunday night at the Cat’s Cradle. They are one of Marcus’ favorite bands and although they’ve been playing together for 26 years, he has never seen them before. The gist of this tour was that they had a wheel with different options on it like “S Songs,” “Sitcom Theater,” and “Freewheeling,” and for their first 45 minute set of the night, they had an audience member spin the wheel and they’d do what came up. We got “S Songs” in which they apparently played songs they had never played live before. The show was fun and I really liked the venue but I was so tired by the end of it. Back to this picture though, we got to town much earlier than expected and ate at a bar/restaurant across the street. They had a very extensive beer selection (and those really cool, old taps) and the food was decent. Despite the football game being on and it being an important one (supposedly), they turned the sound off which helped a lot. Chapel Hill probably has some much better restaurants but I’d definitely go there again.
Stitch and Bitch was canceled on Monday night but wanting to let Marcus still have a night to himself, I went to our local independent movie theater and saw “The King’s Speech.” SO GOOD. I have a major crush on Colin Firth and I hope he wins the Oscar for this role, not just because he is amazing in it but because he’s generally amazing in everything (have you seen “A Single Man”?) and hasn’t won one before. This is a lovely little theater where I also “Black Swan” and will see “Blue Valentine” when it comes next month. The movies are reasonably priced at $8.50 and they serve beer and wine so what’s not to love?
365:25 – Quilt in progress.
This photo was technically taken today (12:40am) but it’s the only picture I took between waking up and going to bed yesterday. I saw a quilt like this one on Pinterest and loved it. I plan on making a girl version (the one pictured) and a boy version (like the original picture). I think they’d be great for someone who has twins but I might have a hard time parting with this one. I completed the top today and I love it! I’ll take better pictures tomorrow.

365:26 – Twilight.

While this picture isn’t all that great, the time that it was taken is. There was still this much light on the horizon at 7:20pm! Marcus got home and it was still light outside. It made me smile.

Writing this post right now is the first time I’ve sat down at my computer for any length of time today and that has felt great. I got so much done! I finished the aforementioned quilt top while watching, ahem, 4 movies. I finally hooked up our old tv in my room and watched some good old fashioned dvds on it today :) I watched “The Cooler” (love William H Macy), “Dogville” (strange and very long movie), “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (very enjoyable), and “The Fifth Element” (liked it as much as the first time). I think keeping the computer away is the best way to be productive. The cold and the rain helped, too. Here’s to another productive day tomorrow!

I have joined another quilt along. This is only my third one, though I never finished the other two (oops). This one I’m super excited about though, it’s for the Single Girl quilt from Denyse Schmidt! I’ve had this pattern and the templates cut out for a year or so now and I’m anxious to make it. I was just commenting on how I need another bed sized quilt and this might be the one. I have a stack of Denyse Schmidt fabrics and some coordinating solids to use on a grey background. I might hand quilt it but we’ll see. Click the button on my side bar and follow along or join in!

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