365:27 — 31

365:27 – Flying Geese
This is an in progress sewing machine cover.365:28 – Elliot’s Revue
This picture isn’t very good but I really like the bokeh effect. Marcus and I went to a show on Friday night to see our friend Philip play with his band Neon Bullets. We’re not crazy about the venue but it was a fun time.
365:29 – Bicycle
It was an unseasonably warm this weekend so a couple friends and I went on a bike ride after work. This town, as it turns out, is not very flat. Downtown is kind of on a plateau. Our route was a bit limited but it included Ollie’s Bakery for a treat and a trip to the top of a parking garage. I didn’t end up being sore at all and I look forward to warmer weather and more rides.
365:30 – Stairs in the night
Marcus was really tired last night and fell asleep two hours before I did, which never happens. I realized at 11:24pm that I hadn’t taken a picture yet. I tried taking some outside with a high sensitivity setting on my camera but I couldn’t capture anything. It was really nice outside though, it was still kind of warm (yesterday got up to 64 degrees!) and windy. If it wasn’t so late I would have stayed out there. I did get a shot of the stairs on the way up to bed that I kind of like.
365:31 – Stitch and Bitch
You might have gathered this by now if you read my blog, but there is a S&B group at my work on Monday nights. We have it in a shared studio space and this particular space belongs to Shayna. I don’t have a particular project to work on so, I am blogging.

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