Major catch up.

First I left my camera deep in the couch at Stitch & Bitch and then I got sick so I’m afraid to admit that I missed some days this month :( I am left deciding how to number my pictures from now on but I think I’ll keep numbering the pictures, not the day, if that makes sense. I tried taking a couple pictures on my phone but they didn’t get emailed to me right. Oh well.

(February first through the third was the missing camera days.)

365:32 – Paper scraps.

These are the remains of the paper piecing of my spiderweb blocks. I started working on them again after a few months’ break and I’m enjoying myself.

365:33 – Winter squash soup.

This particular week was the week of soups. It was pretty cold and it’s when my sickness was coming along. It all started with a 44 Clove Garlic soup that was so delicious! My friend Catherine makes a garlic soup and while looking for recipes, most of them were tomato based and included 4 cloves of garlic. Four? You can’t call it garlic soup with that little in it. 44 sounds more like it. The next day Marcus was gone so I made a quick creamy tomato soup from things I had around the house. This is a rough recipe that makes two servings:

1 15oz can tomato sauce
1c broth (I had beef but chicken of vegetable works too)
1T Italian seasoning
½t rosemary
1T brown sugar
Dash of salt and pepper
¼c cream (or half and half)
Pour everything except cream into a small pot. Simmer until heated through and add cream. Cook until heated through again, just 1 or 2 minutes more. Eat it, especially with cheesy bread or a grilled cheese sandwich.

With Marcus still gone the following day (we were supposed to go up to a ski resort with a bunch of friends in Virginia but I didn’t get my shifts covered and then the sickness came so he went without me) I made a soup I knew he wouldn’t like, a winter squash soup. I toasted the seeds with some salt and snacked on those with it. It made a lot of soup so I froze some to eat later. A couple days later with Marcus home and feeling sick himself, he requested a white bean and sausage soup that turned out great.

365:34 – Hope Valley girl quilt.
This quilt was made in 5 complete, though not successive, days. I cut and pieced the top on one, cut and pieced the back on another, basted it on the third, quilted it with loops on the fourth, and sewed on the binding on the fifth. It was washed and photographed the sixth and I couldn’t be happier with it. I have another one of the same pattern planned in boy colors, I just need to find the perfect grays. I’d like to try and sell them as a pair, unless one of my friends have twins soon. You can see more pictures on Flickr.

(February seventh and eighth were my sick days.)

365:35 – Fabric.

I went to Roanoke last Wednesday to hang out with Catherine and because I hadn’t been there in a few months. I wanted to go to a couple fabric shops and one of them, Old Trinity Schoolhouse Fabrics, was half an hour away and happened to have just closed it’s doors last week to become an online only store. Creative Quilting was open and the lovely owner remembered me and I bought this small stack of fabrics. Catherine and I also went shopping (I found jeans on super sale!) and made dinner and cookies. Catherine and I had a great girlfriend day and I hope to make that a regular occurrence.

365:36 – Shadow pattern.

There was a light dusting of snow on Wednesday night and I took Jackson out to play in it, though it had already melted wherever the sun had been. I liked the shadow pattern in the stairs in the back yard.

365:37 – Tulip explosion.

My manager at work has been trying to keep fresh flowers around, which I love. These tulips went from being short and closed to about eight inches longer and open to the point of almost folding back upon themselves in four days. They looked pretty awesome.

365:38 – Planning.

During a lull in dinner with Marcus on Friday I tried sketching out a sewing travel case. I’d like to take a couple small sewing and knitting projects with me on my big trip to Thailand in a couple weeks so I need to make a little case to carry them in. This is a rough idea of what it will be.

365:39 – Day drunk.

Single Brothers, the bar that is owned by the same people that own the coffee shop where I work has Sunday afternoon ham biscuits, coffee, and drinks. This Sunday was beautiful so we sat for a couple hours with Jackson and a lot of friends and had a couple of drinks. I dug in the dirt a little bit and laid out one of two garden plots. Marcus cooked me a lovely Valentines Day dinner of steak and gnocci and we watched the movie Brick. It was a near perfect Sunday.

365:40 – Katie Jump Rope.
I joined the Single Girl Support Group, a quilt along for Denyse Schmidt’s quilt pattern that I’ve had the templates cut out of for months and months. I’m using my small collection of Katie Jump Rope and Flea Market Fancy fabrics with some coordinating solids and Essex linen blend in putty for the background. A local quilt shop has a few bolts of some KJR which makes me really happy. I want to buy some more yardage and make a couple dresses. The quilt along technically started today and I’ll try and get some pieces cut this week.

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