I must say, I love this picture.
This week has decidedly felt like spring. Today got up to 67 today and tomorrow is supposed to be 72! I have been opening the windows this week, opening the doors and letting the sun shine in and the house air out. It’s glorious. Today I was feeling the itch to grill something. It’s been months since we used my little Weber and though it was pretty much dark by 7 o’clock, I fired her up and grilled by the light of a nearly full moon (and the porch light) in the 63 degree night air.
I made garlicky mustard glazed chicken kabobs with rosemary roasted potatoes and I attempted asparagus for the first time (which burnt and was terrible). I wasn’t impressed but Marcus wasn’t disappointed. I’ll try it again sometime and hopefully not dry the chicken out.

I got the top, back, and basting done on my siggy block quilt, finally. It’s only been seven months since I got the blocks back! I wanted to get it off my project wall so I could start the Single Girl quilt in earnest. It hung up there for a few days while I figured out how to finish it off just right and I love how it all came together. This was the first quilt small enough that I could baste it on my table instead of the floor and Amos was being super helpful, as usual. I haven’t decided how exactly to quilt it yet but it shall hang on my studio wall very soon.

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  1. As ready as I can be, I suppose. I haven't decided which book(s) to take with me yet. I'm getting more excited by the day!

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