365:44 – 47

265:44 – Curious
Amos has always been an indoor cat. I wish he was an outdoor cat, I’ve always felt like it goes against their nature to be inside, but just never felt like I lived anywhere safe enough. Now that he’s almost 5 I think it might be too big of an adjustment. On nice days though, when I’m sitting outside our doing yard work or something, I let him out. It’s funny to watch him cower a bit when the wind blows through the trees, to chase leaves across the yard; it makes me smile.

365:45 – Uh oh..
Remember the lovely new dishtowels I made a few weeks ago? I wanted to audition fabric for it’s absorbency and though these were great in that department, I washed them and this is what happened. The waffle muslin shrank like crazy which is not acceptable, so boo on that. I have some fabric meant for diapers I might try next.

365:46 – Color.
I am trying out some colors for our bedroom. Paint samples are only $3 each! They are supposed to cover four square feet but I brushed this on and used less than half. The colors are Pumpkin which would be on the wall behind the bed, and Pebble on the three other walls but while I love the orange, I’m not crazy about the grey. I want something subtle but warm. They are pulled from this fabric I used in our bed quilt and I’m wishing now that I had bought enough to make curtains before it was out of print.

365:47 – Shirts.

Nothing special. There was a leak from upstairs at work that got on the shirt merch so they got spread out to dry. I love my Krankies shirt, it’s the most comfortable shirt I own.

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