Craft faire.

A girl named Tristin, who was a vendor at the December craft faire and occasionally comes to Stitch & Bitch has been talking for a few weeks about another craft faire in Greensboro that she was working on getting together. The blog was finally put up and it’s much more polished and official than I was expecting! I have been planning on doing it all along and so I sent in my application a couple days ago. It is only 4 days after I get back from Thailand and I won’t find out if I got accepted until the day after I leave. So, I’m trying my best to get a bunch of things made now just in case, so I’m not completely scrambling to make everything the last three days. And if I don’t get in, then hey, I’ll have a bunch of stuff for either the next craft faire at work or to put in a shop. If I make everything I’m hoping to, I’ll have

Speaking of a shop, I am considering using a site called Meylah instead of Etsy, a place I heard about from Amanda McPorkchop, of Modern Acorn and The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I like how well known Etsy is but they charge for a listing per four months which may not be worth it if you don’t sell a whole lot, or sell cheap things. Do any of you readers have online shops? What site do you use? What do you recommend?

Out of curiosity I made a list of all quilts I have made (finished and unfinished) since I started quilting over 7 years ago and it was slightly longer than expected at 32 quilts. It’s nothing compared to some bloggers I know (almost 32/year!!) but I’m still proud of myself. I’m hoping to get three of those WIPs off the list in the next couple months and start adding more!

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