Posting photos might be my undoing.

The internet at my house is pathetic, though I am increasingly suspecting it’s my computer’s fault. I am also always amazed at how much time it takes me to blog anyway, even without dilly dallying. I’m afraid I haven’t been very diligent about taking pictures every day. On one hand I am disappointed in myself but I’m also not so worried about it. There’s no prize at the end, nor have I failed if I don’t have 365 photos by 2012. I’m enjoying the process and will hopefully see some improvement.
365:48 – Owl candle.

This is a funky candle I found a month back at the Rescue Mission. It’s weird and has been a bit scratched but I think it’s charming. I don’t know that I’ll ever burn it, it’ll just sit with my books and be strange.

365:49 – Mess.

Between 3 and 5pm the sun streams in both my windows and I love it. I rarely want to be anywhere else that time of the afternoon. I wish I had a well manicured room to show off but it’s been a major mess lately. I always kind of thought that the less flat space I have, the less stuff will lay around but it hasn’t quite worked out like that. I have things piled everywhere and scraps crammed into small drawers and boxes. I don’t know when I’ll finally have some money to make an Ikea trip to get some much needed organizers and counters.

365:50 – Hints of spring.

This is the first altered photo I’ve posted. I’ve never really played with the editing in iPhoto and while it’s nothing special, I’m happy with the little things I can do. This is the only picture I took yesterday, taken hastily from my car while leaving the grocery store parking lot. These are the first trees I’ve seen in bloom and it reminds me that spring is coming. We’ve had some fluctuating temperatures this last week but today is beautiful and Sunday is supposed to be 70. Lovely!

365:51 – Train car.

Marcus has really been getting into marking trains lately and whenever one goes by work (the tracks are probably 100 feet from our building), I try to watch and see if I recognize anyone. While none of these markings mean anything to me, I played up the rust on this one a lot and I really like the photo.

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