Finally! Thailand! Part four.

We left Chiang Rai to stay in Chiang Mai for our last three days.
(View from the hotel room.)
We went by this strange place called Cabbages and Condoms, a restaurant and “resort.” It came about when a health minister in the ’70s was trying to teach the Hmong people about condoms for use as population control and it kind of got out of hand :)
My favorite part of the whole trip was the Maesa Elephant Camp.(Baby, about 6 feet tall. I want one.)
We rode elephants…
(Passing by lovely couple from Edmonton, Herb and Rose.) (Jamie and Mike.) (The brothers, photographing the enormous poop our elephant was excreting.)
we fed them bananas and sugar cane and if you got close enough they would hug you with their trunk. They would then take the hat off their trainer’s head, they’d put it on your head and pat a couple times. It was adorable!
They then did a show for us where they played soccer, threw darts, played basketball, and painted. Unfortunately my camera died during this so I don’t have much to show. But their paintings were amazing. One of them painted mountains with the sky behind, a grassy field in front, and a spindly tree in the foreground. That elephant might only be able to paint that one thing but it was incredible! You can see the gallery of their paintings here.

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