I am seriously kicking myself over having only bought one piece of fabric on my trip. When I pull it out and look at it and remember all the other beautiful fabrics I saw there and think of the amazing quilt(s) I could have made, I’m super bummed out. Argh. When will I ever go back?

And check out the selvedge!It a batik that was actually made in Indonesia.

I awoke this morning determined to get my room a bit more in order. It’s been a disaster for a while. I don’t have enough storage and table space and while I have big plans, they require money of which I have very little. One of these days…

So I tried organizing for a little while and then found a couple projects I had started years ago like this
Amy Butler Weekender bag. The outside is finished which leaves the lining to be made and attached. I don’t remember what had frustrated me about it to stuff it away but it’s a good sized bag and I’d like to finish it.

I found an old dress I’d started in a turquoise linen blend using this pattern, one I have since made two more times. The problem was using a fabric that didn’t have a right and wrong side so I sewed a couple of things together wrong (I think the pattern had an error but I’ll blame myself first). It’s such a great pattern and I’m a fan of turquoise.

Unfortunately when I got to sewing, I caught my fingernail on some part of my sewing machine and it has been pulsating with pain all day. And then I burned my hand on the light on my other machine. Argh. Today’s not really my day, apparently.

I found and pinned a Houndstooth quilt pattern recently that is so striking. I honestly didn’t even think to buy the pattern, I tried to figure it out myself. I don’t think I did it the best way but I ended up with a little mug rug/snack mat and I like it.

I realized when I hung it up that I sewed a couple sections together wrong so I need to pick that out and fix it. I definitely see myself making a full sized quilt in this pattern. My friend Lindsay is making one right now!

I never mentioned that I didn’t end up doing the craft faire a couple weekends ago. I thought I could get enough things done to sell in the three days between getting back from my trip and the faire but I got way too stressed out. I bought a ruffler/pleating foot for my Pfaff and had a hell of a time making it work correctly. When it feels like working it does this…

Lovely! I can pleat the top of an apron in 45 seconds. (The black piece on top is ruffled, the skull fabric on the bottom is pleated.) If it doesn’t feel like working it does this…
(the black is the top thread, the white thread in the bobbin is all but invisible) and the top of an apron can take me an hour. Argh. That was the final straw so I emailed the organizers and bowed out.

However, that same day, Laura asked me to be a part of the Krankies spring craft faire on May 7th and I said hell yes :) Six weeks is a good amount of time to let the guy at the sewing machine store help me figure out what’s wrong with the tension/foot, for the serger I’m “borrowing” from Liz to get fixed (for 100$! Argh.), and for me to make lots of things, including storage and displays for my table. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m trying to think of things I can sew that guys might want to buy but so far, no one has had any suggestions. Do you?

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