Stitching and tv.

I started watching this Danish television show called “Forbrydelsen” or “The Killing” and it is so good. There was an article in the New York Times about it last week that spurred me on to watching. The article talked of how much doesn’t happen in the show but that it’s been really popular in Britain. It’s 20 episodes where the crime happens in the first one and the following 19 are about solving the case. It’s a much slower pace than American shows like CSI (which is still one of my favorites). That said, “The Killing” is now has an American version, which started last night on AMC. I tend to prefer foreign originals over American remakes but I think I might watch both series, eventually.

While watching it I finished binding my siggy block quilt! It only took me over a year!
I am pretty happy with it. I’m considering sewing buttons unto the middle of the flower motif…(Oops! One block is facing the wrong way.)
but I only have black, pink, and white/clear buttons. Not a very good collection.The backing is some fabric that I acquired mysteriously. It’s pretty stiff and didn’t iron very well (the white ink melted a little?) so I figured it’d be a good backing for a wall quilt that won’t ever get washed.

So for now I’ll leave it like this and find somewhere nice to hang it.
Stats: Result of the Siggy block swap
28″ x 38½”
Made completely of scraps from various people.

I got a Herman Miller chair from the trash pile at work today!

One of my bosses had found it and it’s twin but had left them sitting in the rain for a few days. They have RJR and a string of numbers stamped on one of the legs but I can’t find anything about Herman Miller making chairs for RJ Reynolds. This one’s backing was coming apart but it was easily fixable and now I’m left wondering if it’ll be sacrilegious to spray paint it. The upholstery is yellow and dirty, the back is crosshatched and very ’70s, and the feet/base are silver when the rest is black. I want to paint the fabric and paint the base and back a shiny black. I think that ultimately if I’m making the chair into something I like a lot more, that’s what matters. And I can still brag that I have a Herman Miller chair :) And that brings the number of chairs I need to (re)finish up to 5, or 9 if you count recovering the dining room chairs that Addie munched on. No biggie :-/

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