Altered and improved.

My friend Molly asked me to alter a dress she found at a thrift store recently. She loves the ruffles but the sleeves were a bit too much (which were very much like these).
I was inspired by the lovely New Dress A Day and although the dress didn’t need much work, I took the large amounts of fabric that made up the sleeves and made a gathered clutch.
I love the pattern and have wanted to make one for a long time but something about how this turned out just isn’t right. The angles aren’t square and the zipper tabs got caught and messed up the top and it’s not as sturdy as I was expecting. I’m debating whether to give it to her or not…

I realized today that I never showed you a boxy pouch I made the night before I left for my trip to hold all my toiletries. I love it!

I used this tutorial with an Amy Butler print on the outside and a Joel Dewberry lining. It’s the perfect size for some travel bottles and make up. I’d like to maybe sell some at the craft faire, I just wish I could find a cheap place to get zippers.

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