Quilt guild.

I went to my second quilt guild meeting last night. We had a scrap bag swap and though I spent a frantic 10 minutes packing it, I think I put a good bag together. I’m not so crazy, however, at the bag I got in return. I haven’t looked through it but from what I can see I don’t think I’ll use much of it. Oh well, I still got rid of some stuff.

We got our Kona cotton charm packs which I’m super excited about (thank you Robert Kaufman!). It turns out we can use as much yardage of the colors in the pack, plus one other solid and one print if we want, so I’m going to be able to do what I want by buying another of the same charm pack and adding some Essex linen. We have to finish a quilt top (or our project of choice) by July which is totally doable. Next month is the Spoonflower field trip and June is a pillow swap, both of which will be fun.

I allowed myself $20 to buy fabric at Thimble Pleasures, the shop we have the meeting at. There was SO MUCH fabric I could hardly decide. In the end I bought this…

and I hope to make a cute summer dress with it.

On the drive home the sun was setting and at one point I was driving right into it and it looked huge and red. It was crazy. (Sorry the picture’s blurry, I was in the car.)

There was a clothing swap at work on Saturday and I didn’t find any clothes I like but I grabbed a couple things to use the fabric from. Or maybe alter… I haven’t decided. This dress has some potential either as a skirt or maybe a tube dress.

I finally started on a quilt commission I got asked about, ahem, a year ago… I have been intimidated by it but I’m feeling convicted about having my quilting priorities all wrong :( I have that commission, a tshirt commission I got the approval on just today, a wedding quilt by the middle of May, two baby quilts as soon as possible (definitely by June), another really fun commission in the next two months, and four projects of my own (spiderweb, Hope Valley, ring of fire redo, Single Girl). Eesh! That’s a lot of projects. I can totally do it! I will go ahead with confidence.

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