Reading, listening, watching, & creating, #4

I finished Forbrydelsen last night. It had a sad ending with only the essentials being wrapped up and quite a few questions still hanging. Overall though, I really liked it. It was set in the 6 weeks after Halloween and it was interesting how I wasn’t able to read time very well. Copenhagen apparently has 8 hours of daylight in November but only 2 hours of sunshine and it was rainy and dark more often than not in the show. The American version of “The Killing” will have 13 episodes this season and it’s now in it’s second week. I’m hoping by the time this season is over and I can watch them all at once, I’ll be far enough removed from Forbrydelsen to appreciate the remake. I’m curious to see how much they change the storyline, too. Either way, I definitely recommend this Danish show.

I haven’t been listening to a whole lot of music lately but I’ve really been enjoying Horse Feathers’ record “Thistled Spring.” It’s such a great album to listen to in the morning and really loud. The one morning I open by myself at work I like to play this over the stereo at high volume. It’s such beautiful music.

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I have slowly but surely been reading “My Antonia” by Willa Cather. It’s a really easy read but I haven’t been very determined or inspired lately; I’ve been too busy sewing, of which there are definitely worse problems :)

I’ve been taking suits apart and sewing together log cabin blocks and trying to figure out a layout in my head. It’s a commission I should have been working on for a very long time by now but I’ve finally overcome the intimidation and have dove in. There are still a lot of things for me to work out but I’m excited about this quilt coming together.

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