Spending, spending.

I had to take in my Singer today to see about the jamming I complained about recently. I was hoping it was an easy fix but the entire bobbin mechanism will have to be taken apart and put back together again. Apparently a $400 machine can become a $0 machine if something breaks. I don’t want to be to blame for something like that. So another $90 it is for another sewing machine tune up. It makes me both glad and annoyed that I have three machines.

The good news is that the problem with my ruffler foot turned out to just be a threading/tension/forgetting to put the foot down problem (silly me) and that I came home to a lovely package in the mail with the coolest hippopotamus tape on it.
I have often been annoyed at the price of zippers when wanting to make a small bag or pouch. I can justify a $3 zipper on a dress but not when I want to make 20+ bags for the craft faire. Enter ZipIt! I saw the button on some blog’s sidebar (I’m sorry I don’t remember which!), placed an order, and 4 days later (today) I received 100 8″ zippers for $27 and any future purchase is 10% off! Bring on the pouch making.

2 thoughts on “Spending, spending.

  1. Love that hippo tape! I tried to get into the Krankie's craft fair but there was no room left. Is it once a year or twice?

  2. It is definitely always in December and has been in May a couple times the last few years. I think spring will become an annual thing and there is talk of it being 4 or 5 times a year. December was crazy and crowded so while trying to pare it down a little, spots are filling up quicker.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you about the quilt guild! I'm pretty sure you can visit, the dues are for discounts and the chance to be a part of swaps. I'll find out for sure and maybe we can go together next month!

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