Crunch time.

As I mentioned on the last post made from my phone, my laptop power cord is not charging the computer so I am left with Marcus’ desktop in the basement. It’s nice to be rid of the distraction but I am pretty frustrated about it too. Once the craft faire craziness is over I might go to the Apple store and see what needs to happen.

Monday morning I started stressing out about the craft faire. As I worked on things yesterday though, I calmed down a little bit and I think things will be good. I will still be left scrambling at the last minute for the right display for my things which is frustrating but I don’t know where to find an antique ladder, nor do I have the time to go searching. But if each faire I do gets better, I’ll be happy. Hopefully this time I’ll have enough stock left over that I’ll open up a shop..?
The Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meeting happened a week early this month so we could go on a tour of Spoonflower! It was great. Spoonflower is a place where you can upload designs and have them digitally printed on different types of fabric. We had a tutorial on making labels through them and I can’t wait to get some printed up and sewn onto some quilts!

I bought my ticket for the Sewing Summit today! I’m so excited about this conference and trip. My lovely friend Lindsay of Eileen Josephine will be coming too and we’ll have a blast, I’m sure.

Sorry for a post without pictures. I know how I just skim when there are lots of words but this computer mishap has put a wrench in things! I’ll be back after the craft faire in full force.

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