Crafts, crafts.

I am happy to report that the craft faire went pretty well! It wasn’t as crazy as the December one but Mother’s Day isn’t quite the shopping holiday that Christmas is. My table was in the main warehouse area of Krankies (as opposed to the studio where most of my friends were and where I was last time) and at first I was a little disappointed but the set up ended up being awesome. I also had a table that was nearly twice the size of last time but I covered it adequately.Display is always one of the last minute things I try to throw together (I say always but this was only my second time). I bought a couple baskets on Friday at the Mission and spray painted them for the tissue holders and reusable tea bags. I was stoked to discover that the shutter style closet doors I had removed from my studio and put in my basement would work perfectly for displaying my aprons. I used an awesome vintage sheet I found at the Mission for a table cloth and brought my bedside table Ikea lamp.

I quickly sold the reusable grocery bags I made, of which I only finished four in time. I sold about half the aprons, a few tea bags, most of the tea wallets, and a few tissue holders. I got a lot of compliments on my fabric choices and how colorful everything was. I traded an apron for some delicious green tomato with peach chutney and strawberry jam intensified with balsamic from my friend Salem at Betaverde. I bought a cute little rosette hair clip and a painting by my friend Caleb Williams. I wish I’d taken more pictures and grabbed more business cards; maybe next time.

Due to the way I folded and hung may aprons, anyone who commented on them thought they were dresses for little girls. It got kind of annoying after awhile but I think I might actually start making kids clothes and fill that need. Plenty of people said they were interested in buying some and it’s not something anyone else at the faire offered.

I had three baby quilts that I took with me and while I didn’t sell any of them, I made a sign saying that I will do custom quilts and I had three people ask me about it and take my card. I also had a lady ask me about making crib liners which I have never done but am totally willing to! If any of those inquiries turn into something, that’ll be awesome!

I was pretty excited about my tags. Our printer at home is broken so I’ve been typing everything on my typewriter. I really like the look of it, even if the letters are so small. I bought a stamp shaped paper punch and typed up tags with my “logo” and the price and tied them to the aprons and quilts. I guess tags won’t be necessary when selling things online but I’m glad I have the supplies now.
I was also happy with my labels, although they’re probably not the most permanent things. I did not have enough of my printed twill tape to label everything but I didn’t figure out what I wanted to do in time so I had a piece of muslin ironed on some freezer paper from a while ago and I just ran it through, once again, my typewriter. They probably won’t last through many washings but they’ll work until I figure out something better.
I sat next to a lovely woman named Sherri of Essbeesee who had some really awesome stuffed robot/aliens and some bags and pillows. Her table was colorful and fun and she was really nice. I told her about Stich’n’Bitch and hopefully she’ll come soon.
I have enough stuff left over I think I’m FINALLY going to open an online shop! I registered with a site called Meylah a while ago because I know a couple people that have left Etsy and gone there. It’s free to put things in your shop which I like the idea of. Spending 40ยข per 4 months on say, a $2.00 tea bag doesn’t appeal to me. I will, of course, let you know when I get everything together!

3 thoughts on “Crafts, crafts.

  1. I should have totally hit you up for a trade! I also meant to buy a travel tea set thonged for my friend Leya (you may know her, she used to live here). Would live to get one from you at a stitch + bitch. Thanks for the kind words and link luv!

  2. @Sherri, I will have the "left overs" in my car from now on so if we see each other, I'd gladly sell you one!

    @Amy, thank you! I was happy with everything. I think I really will be opening a shop soon!

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