Gifts and a bit of thrifting.

The lovely ladies at Stitch ‘n’ Bitch gave me ice cream and a couple presents last week that I have yet to share. Laura got me some awesome vintage fabric,a little purple apron with some beautiful embroidery on the waistband,
along with a very sweet note.
Lucy got me a few things that had to do with sewing, a quilty looking box filled with classic tomato pincushions (she was sure I’d have some already but I did not)
a puzzle that has not only a quilt on it but tea and a cat, three of my most favorite things,and some adorable buttons with roses (that remind me of Cath Kidtson), which are fitting since that’s my middle name.
I also did some thrifting a couple weeks ago that I never posted about. I got a couple baskets that I had spray painted for the craft faire,an awesome vintage sheet that I’m pretty in love with,and some ties and pants for the quilt commission I’ve been working on.

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