Reading, listening, watching, & creating, #5

I finished reading “My Antonia” a couple weeks back and I honestly haven’t started something in earnest since then. I began “A Collection of Plays” by Anton Chekov and didn’t get sucked in, I thought about rereading “Jane Eyre” after seeing the movie a few weeks ago but I always feel some guilt at rereading a book when there are so many unread ones on my bookshelf, I started “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair and didn’t get sucked in, and now I’m thinking I might just get lost in a trusty ol’ Jane Austen novel. I think that ultimately though, I’m not in a book plowing mood and I might wait until something really strikes my fancy. I want to read Chekov’s plays and “The Jungle” eventually, just not right now.

I have been completely obsessed with O’Death’s record “Outside.” I didn’t love their first record “Head Home” but they changed their sound just enough that the new one is so good.

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Marcus and I started watching “Circus,” a 6-hour PBS documentary about the Big Apple Circus and it’s been really entertaining. It goes behind the scenes and looks at the lives of people that have actually run away and joined the circus. There is one particular character that I really like, a guy named Glen Heroy who plays a clown in the show. It’s his first year with the circus and he is such a nice, genuine guy.

I’m afraid to admit I haven’t been creating a whole lot lately. I did get my business cards in the mail that I’m super excited about. I ordered them from Moo and while I took a picture of them, that picture is on my dead computer. I did order a new power cord though so maybe I’ll have those up soon. My room, as I have previously mentioned, is a disaster so I’m thinking of making an Ikea trip this week or next. My creativity feel stiffled in such messiness. I’ll have something to show you soon, I promise!

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