I just ate anchovy and liked it.

While on a break at work (it’s been so slow lately but filled with weirdos) I was reading yesterday’s New York Times and they had a recipe for Pan Seared Asparagus Salad with Frisée and Fried Egg. My mouth started watering.
After my shift on Thursdays, my friend Lindsey is hosting a yoga class by donation in the gallery at work so Marcus and I went. It was pretty hard (I haven’t done yoga for 2 years) and really super hot (it was 97 today and though a 3-minute rain storm cooled things down a bit, the gallery has no windows or air conditioning), but Lindsey is a good teacher and I really enjoyed it. Feeling healthful, I wanted a salad for dinner. Marcus, however, does not like asparagus (though neither did I until a few months ago when my friend Catherine made it and it was delicious!) but he decided to go to dinner with friends so I went to Whole Foods, bought the makings, and may I just say, that was one of the best salads I’ve ever had.

Since I’m still not sure about reposting recipes straight up (without any adjustments), I won’t put it here but I linked to it above. Mine did not look as pretty as theirs (I fried my egg on both sides, the first time I’ve ever friend an egg in fact) and the market didn’t have frisée so I got a mix of greens, but it was damn good. If you haven’t gathered, the dressing has anchovy in it. I didn’t want to buy a tin so I bought the paste which is good until Oct 2012 which means I might just use it up eventually.

Anyway, that was a long post with a lot of parenthetical notes about a little salad but if it sounds good to you, believe me, it is. It’s fast, fairly healthy, and easy to do for one person or a few.Make it.

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