Pillow swap: the receiving.

Yesterday was another great quilt guild meeting. We did a pillow swap which was really fun. I was kind of sad about the pillow I gave away because I loved it so much but look what I got in return!
It was made by Kate and it was such a funny coincidence. I said I’d put the pillow in my sewing room and though I didn’t say what colors the room is painted, look what colors she picked out! It was serendipitous. Thank you so much Kate!

Bonnie, the woman I made my pillow for seemed really pleased, which made me very happy. I hope it finds a good place in her home. Thank you for being such a kind recipient, Bonnie!

Photo taken by Megan. More photos from the guild meeting here.

I also bought some fabric while at Thimble Pleasures. It’s good I only go there once a month because I’d be spending all my money there otherwise. There was some Katie Jump Rope on clearance so I bought four yards of that, I got a yard of Bob’s Shirt from Uptown by Erin Michaels, also on clearance, 5 yards of Kona in Moss and 8 yards of Freespirit solids in Manatee for some Single Girl action.

Next month is the Kona cotton challenge show off and I’m really excited about it! I finally ordered that last bit of fabric I need and started cutting tonight. I did some math and some sketches and have decided on a recipient of this quilt after completion.

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  1. The sale rack at Thimble Pleasures is always my first stop, especially if I'm scoping out backing fabrics. It's tough to beat $3/yard. Looks like you made out like a bandit!

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