A bit of thrifting #4

Saturday is never my thrift store day but I hadn’t been this week so I stopped by, and I’m so glad I did. The bedding pile has become huge recently but I like digging through it. The vintage sheets were slim pickin’s today but I came out with an antique quilt!

It is mostly churn dash blocks with one row of something different, a block I can’t find the name of (it’s like a diamond in the middle of an unequal nine patch, up top). Some of the pieces have worn through and the batting I sticking out but I can only guess how old it is and I’d say that’s allowed.
There are cohesive blocks,
and scrappy blocks.

I love the places where you can tell they used what they had. The bottom of one of those peach squares wasn’t big enough so they added a little pink to lengthen it. I wish I had the guts to make a scrappy quilt like this.
Now I am left deciding where to put it. It seems too fragile to use regularly but I am so in love with it, I want to see it. It makes me wish we had a guest bedroom where it could be kept on a seldom used bed. There is no quilting history in my family that I know of, so this is the first old, handmade quilt I’ve owned and it makes me very happy. I wish it was autumn and I could curl up under it with a book and a cup of tea (can you tell the summer heat is getting to me already?).
I also got a new puzzle, some little Corning ware tea cups (I love the curvy handles), and a couple vintage pillow cases.

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