A group exhibition.

I recently got asked to be part of a group exhibition at the Em Gallery called “Extinguishers.”

A locally raised artist who now lives in LA named Hieronymus is curating a show of altered/decorated fire extinguishers. He found a pile of them on his mom’s property and handed them out to a group of artists.I had an idea of quilting a cover made up of 60º/30º diamonds that were only an inch wide so I tried Elizabeth’s method using interfacing, without realizing that diamonds don’t sew up the same as squares. That miscalculation also lead to it not being wide enough to fit all the way around the extinguisher so I had to make another little rainbow piece to fit in the back.

Anxious to get it done, I stuck some scraps out of the hole where the hose had been and turned it in. (I now wish I’d braided the scraps with wire so they could stick out in a spraying shape.) I’ve had a couple people say my piece reminds them of parachuting or a hot air balloon, which is an idea I’d love my piece to conjure up. I’ll post pictures after the show opens, I don’t want to give anything away just yet!

The opening is on Saturday night which I am both excited and bummed out about. The reception will be fun (I think I might make mini cupcakes) but it falls on the same night of (Marcus’s Roanoke band) Red Clay River’s last show. There are creative differences I think (both a seemingly cop out answer and a true one in their case), and they just never really recovered from the theft of their instruments last year. I’m gonna try to go to the opening for an hour and then drive up to Roanoke to catch RCR.

Anyway, if you are in the area in the next month, come by! It’s going to be really awesome.

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