For a dear friend and her baby.

My long ago and beloved roommate Abby, with her lovely husband Ben are having a baby any day now. I knew I had to make something special for them. I have been working on it for the last couple months but now that it has been sent, received, and blogged about by them, I can finally show it off.You might think this looks very similar to another baby quilt I made early last year and you’d be right. I love this fabric line (American Jane Snippets) and loved the first quilt, I decided to make another (though not identical) one.The rainbow stitches around the border took weeks (granted, I pretty much only did it an hour or two a week at Stitch ‘n’ Bitch) and I was so ready to be done with it until it came time to put on a label and then something possessed me and I made the biggest, most intricate quilt label ever (for me). I think though, that it was worth it.I had a fun time with this photo shoot. I’ve been struggling with my last couple quilts about how best to photograph them in our yard. For this one I wrapped a bungee cord around two trees and clothes pinned the quilt up which worked really well. I like how the dark ivy sets off the bright quilt. There are a couple neighbors’ yards I’d like to ask about using for my next completed quilt.

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  1. so cute! i loved seeing it in person at the tmqg meeting. out of curiosity, where does your stitch and bitch group meet?

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