Marcus got a box of glasses yesterday and I had to try them on. A company called Warby Parker offers a home trial for five days of five pairs of glasses. You can continue ordering five pairs until you find one you like and they are $95 (including your prescription) and they donate a pair to someone in need.I don’t wear glasses but I’ve always wanted to. I used to wear fake glasses until someone said “that’s like me riding around in a wheelchair” and I never wore them again. My favorite podcast talked recently about how it is that in our society we can dye our hair, whiten our teeth, get plastic surgery, but if you wear fake glasses, that’s crossing some sort of line. Why can’t they just be an accessory? I really liked a couple pairs of the glasses he got and a couple pairs looked good on him, too. I think he might try another set of pairs which means I’ll get to try on some more too :)

On a side note, how have I never known about Big Huge Labs for making photo mosaics?! I’ve always struggled trying to make them in Picasa and it never works very well. Well, better late than never.

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