Roaring Run, VA.

Friday night was, among other things, Red Clay River’s last show. There was a lot of emotion in that place. I had rushed up there from the gallery opening and made it just in time to watch their whole set. There were some tears and lots of hugs, both on stage and after their performance. It feels a bit like the end of some era…
I stayed the night with my friend Catherine and slept well on her couch under an antique quilt. After a quick trip for coffee, we went up to Roaring Run, a easy hiking trail about 45 minutes North of Roanoke. I filled up my memory card with pictures.

Everything was so green.Catherine gave me some shoes to wear (and keep).The river water was cold.Her dog Jango came a long and had the best time.

He jumped and played in the water, getting good and messy.

There were some natural slides, flat rocks the river ran down that people (kids) slide down into pools at the bottom.

The trail is only about 2 miles round trip but it ends at a waterfall that was gorgeous (it’s maybe about 30ft).

I did slip and fall on a rock, getting my shorts all wet and my finger bent out of shape, but the camera was safe.

At the end of the trail there is an iron furnace. Built sometime between 1832 and 1838, it produced 800 tons of metal before it “went out of blast” in 1854 (information from here).

We stopped at Blue Collar Joe’s for some donuts on the way back to Roanoke. Catherine made a quick dinner and we sat on their perfect porch and watched a storm pass. It was a lovely day and I have no idea why I had never been there before. There is quite a bit of good hiking in that part of Virginia and I think we’re going to try to hike together more often, perhaps on Tuesdays, our shared day off.

Tuesdates, commence.

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